Why eComSpy?


As an FBA merchant, you have one primary task:

Finding the right products to sell.

(And many secondary tasks, such as listing and shipping, pricing and managing inventory.)


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Get that first step right,
and you’ll discover more bestsellers and items with sustainable margins.

Make the wrong call,
and you’ll be stuck with aging inventory.


To find the kinds of products that will help keep your inventory turning profitably and you ahead of the competition, you need the right information, and you need it fast. Turn to eComSpy, your personal business intelligence agent, to gather critical data about new and used items on all Amazon marketplaces.


An automated market intelligence tool, eComSpy can answer the following kinds of questions:

  • How many sellers are competing for marketshare on the Amazon marketplaces
  • How many of those are FBA sellers
  • What category the item is in
  • How the item ranks
  • Forecasted commissions and fees
  • What kind of prices are being charged by competitors
  • Estimated FBA fees


…and much more. If you supply your cost is for an item, eComSpy will even calculate your expected margins. Try it for free, today.


In government, it’s often shortened to ‘intel.’ The military calls it ‘G-2.’ It’s ‘scoop’ to journalists. In police work or business, you might hear about ‘inside dope’ or ‘lowdown’ or ‘color.’ Whatever the name, this kind of information has high value. It’s that little extra that gives a country, an army, a publication or a business an edge over the competition. Some go to extreme lengths to acquire it. But you don’t need to break any rules or spend much money to win in the FBA market. Just upload a list of UPCs or ASINs to eComSpy. Within minutes you’ll have data to help you assess which products have the best prospects of making you money when selling on the Amazon marketplace.

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