Get the Profitability Data You Need

Making inventory decisions can be tough. Which items should you stock? How can you find out which products will be most profitable?

Profitability data is one of the most important factors to consider when deciding what inventory to sell. Learn how eComSpy provides the information you need.

Competitive Intelligence

You can see how many sellers are competing on the Amazon marketplace for a particular item you’re considering adding to your inventory. You can also find out how many of those merchants are selling the item through the FBA program, the item rank and category and the prices charged by competitors. This data provides the support you need when making decisions about your inventory.

Instant Market Information

Quickly get the details you’re most interested in without spending hours conducting manual research. Simply upload a list of ASINs/UPCs/SKUs and let eComSpy do all of the research for you. If you include the item cost in this list, eComSpy will also calculate the profit margins for you.

You can find out forecasted commissions and fees in addition to estimated FBA fees with your eComSpy report. This makes it easier to make decisions about your future inventory and pricing strategies.

How Low Can You Go?

Understanding margins and profitability in conjunction with other factors such as unit weight and lowest overall price from potential competitors helps determine your pricing. Once you have the full picture of your competition and the marketplace you have the information you need to competitively price your products.

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