Affordable, Pay-As-You-Go

Unlike some research tools, we offer an affordable pay-as-you-go pricing model – with no monthly commitments. That gives you flexibility in timing your research on the Amazon marketplace.

Our pricing options are based on credits. It takes one credit to “spy” – or conduct a SKU lookup and competitor analysis – on one item. These credits are purchased in credit blocks (see below) and are good for one year. You simply select the block that fits your needs best. Contact us for more details.



Looking for a real person to research SKUs? Costs will vary, depending on the labor market.

How many data fields could your researcher fill? And how many more do you need? How many products could he or she complete per hour? And how many products are on your list?

See how the costs for arguably sub-optimal research that could take days to complete begin to add up?

Give eComSpy a try. You’ll get a report with 100 rows (if you use up all your free credits) and more than two-dozen columns in a matter of minutes, not days. It’s really a no-brainer!

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Take eComSpy for a test drive and get 100 credits for free, no credit card required! Sign up for a free trial today.