Robust Market Research

Making inventory decisions can be tough. Which items should you stock? How can you find out which products will be most profitable?

Profitability data is one of the most important factors to consider when deciding what inventory to sell. Learn how eComSpy provides the information you need.

Data You Need

Powerful reporting features immediately show you how many sellers are competing for marketshare, the number of FBA sellers, item rank and much more.

Stocking items that do not sell or have too much competition could result in long term inventory store fees and slow turnover. The intelligence provided by eComSpy includes all of the information you need to make better purchasing decisions.

Spy on the Competition

Have you ever wished you could peek over the shoulder of your top competitors to see how they’re doing? You can see how a particular product is performing on the Amazon marketplace by checking the item rank and competitive data from top sellers for that item with eComSpy. The comprehensive data provided by eComSpy can help you create a strategy to win the Buy Box for the items in your inventory.

The “All Offers Considered” column in your eComSpy report can help you determine just how much competition you’re facing. If it returns Y, there are typically less than 20 total sellers for that item. If it returns N, Amazon has likely only returned the 20 most competitive offers–meaning you could be facing a very crowded market. You can find information about the total number of sellers in the “Total Sellers” and “Total FBA Sellers” columns.

Export & Analyze Margin Impact

The incredible reporting features in eComSpy show the lowest overall price for an item and the lowest FBA price as well the FBA fees, lowest commission and margin. The margin impact column illustrates how Amazon’s fees will impact the profit margin for that item.

Sellers can choose to view the lowest margin as a percentage or dollar amount. This number also includes the cost of shipping to make margin impact analysis a quick and smooth process.

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