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Need a little “inside information” on the FBA market?

Then eComSpy is at your service. eComSpy gives you fast and accurate intelligence on the FBA market for an item before you actually add it to your inventory.

When you’re investigating new items to sell, it’s hard to tell a golden goose from a red herring. eComSpy helps you do just that. Maybe you’re mulling over a big inventory buy? Check with eComSpy before you take the plunge.

eComSpy takes the detective work out of the FBA market. Learn more about Why eComSpy? and How it Works.


  • How to Spy on Thousands of SKUs in an Instant
    February 29.2016

    How much is your time worth? As the saying goes, time is money - especially in the eCommerce world. That’s why it’s especially important to have a best-in-class toolbox at your disposal to do the hard work for you. eComSpy can compare thousands of...




"eComSpy a fantastic tool. It’s easy to use, and you can put it into practice immediately. Basically, I use it for reconnaissance. You really can’t look up 10,000 or 30,000 skus manually. It’s hard to do even ten. But it all comes down to your strategy. The data is as useful as your strategy is effective."

F. Lulli, online seller since 2002